Within Crisis There is the Greatest Opportunity - Episode 008

We're being cracked open right now. We're being reminded that we don't have as much control as we like to think.

And perhaps most importantly, we're being reminded that one day, we will die.

Of course, that reality is always there, but it's hard to not look at right now.

Within this crisis and reminder of our death (whether in old age or much sooner) we are being tuned to what really matters. We're waking up to who we really want to be and know we are deep down inside.

Many of us are choosing to make this our time to become stronger and stop holding back our truth, our gifts, our deepest impulses.

In this episode, I share with you some encouragement and invitations on how you can make this your time to become the strongest version of yourself.

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Music by Muciojad from HookSounds

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