Why Gym Routines Don't Work For You (and a better approach)

When I look around I see too many people trying to force themselves through workouts they don't care about to win the approval of people that don't really matter.

Screw that.

What I suggest is an approach that places who you are at the center.

When you build fitness from the inside out, you no longer have to force or guilt yourself to stay in shape.

This short video explains what I mean.

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How do you build your fitness from the inside-out?

Well first, you're going to need to stop a few things. Namely...

  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Seriously, it's not worth it. You're running your own race. We all are.
  • Stop basing your self worth on a number. It's not about how many times you worked out, how far you ran, or how much weight you lifted. Your worth can never be quantified by living up to some fitness ideal. Don't let anyone sell you otherwise.
  • Stop forcing yourself through routines that don't feel meaningful to you. You have permission to define what fitness means to you, based on your lifestyle and what you want to do with your body.

Once you've done that, it's time to figure out what you need to thrive.

Know and honor your DNA > Standardized fitness routines

So, who are you? Well, the way I see it there are two levels of who you are:

  1. First, you're a homo sapien. In other words, you're a mammal that requires a certain environment and needs to be met to thrive (clean air, sunshine, whole foods, nourishing movement, etc.)
  2. Second, you're a unique individual. You are also a person that has certain strengths, weaknesses, patterns, limitations and a set of beliefs about your body based on the story you have and life experiences you've accumulated.

The shame in our world is that we are all trying to pretend we're not animals, we think we're "higher beings" or something that are beyond basic needs. But the truth is we need good food, movement, sun, air, water and loving support just like all other apes. Take any of those things away, and you can be sure that our health and fitness will suffer.

Getting back to a thriving body means we need to honor our "apeness" by taking control of our own environments, and building better habits.

  • Does your work and career support the health of your body, or does it make you stiff and tired?
  • Is there open floor to roll around on or is it all filled with furniture used to stare into screens?
  • Is your fridge packed with fresh, organic veggies and meat, or processed junk?
  • How about something to hang from to open your shoulders like an ape might need?

It might sound bizarre, but consider what kind of zoo you'd build if you wanted humans to thrive in their health and fitness. Model your own environment around that to the best of your abilities.

Your environment shapes who you are most, if you don't take control of it, you're fighting a losing battle.

How can you honor what you most deeply need?

The second piece is to look at what you uniquely need. Maybe that's to be more disciplined, to have more social support, to take on a new identity about what you're really capable of.

If you can become aware of what you (not anyone else) most deeply need to thrive, then it's a matter of honoring what you need, rather than forcing, shaming and guilting yourself to go to the gym.

Of course, that requires that you slow down, check in with yourself, and listen to the signals your body is sending you. Perhaps you need to stretch more, to go outside more, to let go of trying to live up to some ridiculous expectations.

Whatever it is, know that it is a continual practice. Your best self is revealed in every day that you show up and honor who you are, where you are, and what you need.

Becoming the fittest, most badass version of yourself can really be as simple as that.

P.S. Need some help getting more flexible and moving more consistently? Book a free strategy session with me and I'll help you create a roadmap to a body you love to wake up and live in.

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