Uncage Your Body, Become Unbreakable

rail-balancing-focusLife is movement.

Natural movement = continually varying, unpredictable patterns.

This creates a free moving, anti-fragile, open body capable of handling large quantities of uncertainty.

Fitness routines = rigid, predictable movements which are performed in set, controllable sequences.

This might be fine for the purpose of training for specific skills, especially if the practice led to free-flowing movement. If regular change in plane of motion of the exercise, your body's geometry, and shape of equipment occurred it might safeguard against the danger of predictability.

However, because of this lack of freedom, expression and uncertainty, we build rigid, fragile bodies. Bodies ready to snap as soon as the first unpredictable demand is placed on it.

Couple that with a life that demands little movement, environments that instill staticness, and design of space that keeps us in boxes of range of motion, and you have a body that hurts and a mind afraid to move.

To change we must change the culture.

We must find a way to reengineer movement and unpredictability back into our homes, workspaces, training sessions and minds. We must unspecialize our skills and decompartmentalize our lives. We must regain trust in our bodies,trust in  our vehicles for physical experience.

But through this, we shouldn't attempt to kill the mind and exalt the body.

We need both.

We can use our minds to reimagine our spaces, habits and relationships, to create a more healthy, alive and moving experience.

It's up to us to break free from the templatized life of domestication.

Break your patterns, or become more breakable.

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