We all want the badass, fancy stuff. We want the double bodyweight squat, the 10 foot jump, the slow muscleup.

It's easy to get sucked into the sexiness of impressive movement skills and abilities.

It's much harder to go back to the basics and focus on the fundamentals.

How far you go back is really a complex issue with a lot of variables. Past injuries, muscle imbalances, and poor mechanics are just a few of the challenges that might make you scrap your planche work and go back to mastering pushups.

The greater the heights you want to reach with your body, the wider the foundation will need to be.

In this podcast, I chat with my friend Galo about the importance of humility if you want to go far with your training.

It's far from perfect. The audio isn't the greatest and we take about five minutes to warm up.

But I think you'll get some value out of it. And please let me know if you do. We're considering making this a regular thing if enough people are interested.

Check it out, and get humble...

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