Rewiring Your Nervous System for Pain-Free, Confident Movement with Todd Hargrove - Episode 010


In this episode, I sat down with one of my movement teachers and mentors, Todd Hargrove. Todd is a genius when it comes to understanding how the body works, the science of pain, and how to move with more freedom.

He's the author of one of my absolute favorite books as well, A Guide to Better Movement, which I highly recommend.

What you're about to learn:

  • Why having a neurocentric perspective is critical to understanding why pain and tension hang around.
  • How pain sensitivity is learned from an early age and what you can do to change it.
  • How the core beliefs you hold about the world can be subconsciously influencing your experience in your body, for good or bad.
  • The power of body maps and reversing something called "sensorimotor amnesia" that might be holding you back.
  • Why play and exploration are so critical to relieving stress, building healthy habits, and creating new movement patterns.
  • How to tap into your deepest source of motivation, so you're actually able to stay consistent with the practices you commit to.

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