How Tiffany Redefined Strength and Fixed Her Foundations by Slowing Down

Tiffany is an Embodied Breakthrough client who has broken through artificial ceilings and is forming a whole new way of being in the world with her body.

Like many others, Tiffany held childhood beliefs of not being cut out for athletic pursuits. But she discovered Crossfit a decade ago, and her ideas of what she was capable of started to change. While putting her body through the paces, she faced recurring shoulder pain that eventually became excruciating and severely limited her everyday activities. 

"I was trusting myself that I was coming back to being on purpose, reminding myself yes, you can trust your gut."

She knew that doing nothing wasn’t the answer and that she needed to go back to her foundation. She discovered Embodied Breakthrough and, after her initial call, trusted her gut and committed to herself by signing up for the program. 

"My gut was telling me this is the answer, knowing that you need to go back to basics and regain strength from the inside out."

Over the next year, Tiffany had a major mindset shift, learning to be patient with herself and continue to come back to her practice. To slow down and be more gentle with her body.

When she eventually started to add more movement back in, she could tell her mindset had changed, and the quality of her movement had improved. She’s developed inner strength and trust in herself.  

"I don't need to give my accomplishments to somebody else. I can celebrate myself now"

Tiffany has learned to focus on what a movement feels like and enjoying what her body can do, like riding bikes and dancing. 

"The space that he will create for you will be nothing like anything that you have experienced before. The safety, wisdom and skill that Jonathan has to walk with you on this path...your body is telling you that you're ready, so just say yes"

Tiffany has redefined strength for herself, and she fully believes that you can too. Let her story inspire YOU to seek support, overcome your challenges and say YES to yourself.

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