The Power of Labeling Yourself with Jon Yuen - Episode 005

Jon YuenWait. Aren't labels supposed to be a bad thing? Well, maybe. But sometimes we're just afraid to really own what we want to be or know we are deep down. We're afraid of the expectations from others, we're afraid of really owning what we want, we're afraid of... ourselves.

In this conversation with Jon Yuen, movement trainer and teacher, we dive deep into how to create more freedom in your body. Not just from a purely physical perspective though. We talk about the mindset, beliefs and culture that shapes how we think, feel and move.

If you're looking for something beyond the standard, mainstream fitness advice, you will probably get a lot from this conversation. Jon drops so many knowledge bombs that you'll probably want to listen twice.

Some of Jon's movement in action

Links to Jon's work and courses:

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Music by Muciojad from HookSounds

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