Stocksy_txpf6c61b62Lff000_Small_370641Note: This is a follow-up to this post about how to reverse the damage of sitting and human domestication.

It took a lot of damage to get it through my thick skull.

Big, hard heads are great for absorbing punishment, but not so great at learning how to do things smarter.

"Just go for it!"

Doesn't that ring a bell?

You're in a class and you want other people to see how badass you are. You get excited about a youtube video, and like Nike, you just want to do it!

"Oops. Umm, something doesn't feel good. Owww, what is that?"

Guess it wasn't as easy as you thought it would be.

So, you lick your shoulder/knee/ankle wounds and retreat back into your pain cave with your tail between your legs.

"What did I do wrong?" you wonder.

What you, I and 90% of the human population, did wrong is that we tried to skip vital steps along the process. Each of those steps would have formed a stronger base in our foundation, but since those bricks were never laid, collapse is the only possible outcome. (more…)

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