Daily Squat Mobility Routine

Is your squat super tight? Do you have trouble keeping your back straight and not falling over?

You are definitely not alone.

As humans we should be able to go in and out of the squat with relative ease. It is after all, the "natural chair."

However, sitting shortens our hamstrings and tightens the hip flexors, making squatting pretty uncomfortable. Add tight calves or ankles to the mix and you're going to be pretty damn uncomfortable squatting even for a few seconds.

While just squatting more is a good idea (and using assisted squatting), you probably need more than that to really help you open up and rehab your squat.

Here are some exercises I recommend you add to your daily routine, they'll help you stretch out the back of your legs and loosen up the hips.

Watch the daily squat opener routine:

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Remember, the squat is a posture we're meant to move with and from.

Don't just squat there! Move!

Twist, reach, pull, crawl, and jump. See what sort of movements your squat can give you access to. In the video above I show how you can even use the squat as an entry to the handstand (with enough practice, of course!).

Try incorporating more movement into your squat and you should see some big progress.

Here are some ways you can squat more without having to exercise more:

  • Squat when you open the fridge to grab a snack.
  • Squat while you are putting away the dishes in the lower cupboards.
  • Squat while you fold the laundry.
  • Squat while you sweep/mop.

As you can see, you can and should move with the squat. And it's a great movement "doorway" that links other movements for play and quadrupedal movement.

The squat can be an entry to the monkey or bear crawl or even a cartwheel.

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Have fun with it and remember to move in your squat!

Be active, not passive.

Happy squatting.

I want to hear from YOU now:

What is your favorite way to get more natural movement into your day without "exercising"?

Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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