Show Up Anyway, Whether You Feel Like it or Not

Young man upside down on gymnastic rings on the beachWe are all busy people. We all have a lot going on.

The demands are not decreasing. Life is not getting any easier or any less challenging.

Yet, every day we wake up and make a choice. We get to decide whether today we will live deliberately, consciously, on our terms. We get to choose to show up and give fully, or hide and collapse.

I believe that successful people do what they have to do, even when it's hard. Especially when it's hard.

The question is not "Do I feel like doing this?"

That is not something you can reliably count on. The way you feel is like the weather, subject to change at any moment.

The real question is "Will I be proud of this when I'm done?"

Now, let me be clear.

I am not advocating a mindless, grinding, just suck it up and take the pain approach.

What I am advocating for is listening to your deepest impulses, following your heart and what you know you are truly capable of.

The small part of you wants to take the easy path of short term gains and quick, sugary dopamine hits of Facebook notifications and endless distractions.

In the moment, these things feel... easier.

But easy is not what you or I came here for.

Dying knowing that we fully explored what we are really capable of is what we came here to do.

That is what I came here to do.

That is why I show up, whether I feel like it or not.

I hope you'll join me. It gets lonely at the top.

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