Shitty Beliefs = Shitty Body

Most people these days are realizing that their thoughts create their destinies.

It doesn't take much common sense to realize that better thinking, means a better attitude, which leads to better action and a better life.

In a very real way, your thoughts really do create your reality.

We have no problem applying this principle to manifesting the life we want, but many of us still don't get that our thoughts dramatically impact the types of bodies we have.

Believe that you're uncoordinated? You will be.
Believe that you're stiff and tense all the time? You will experience that in your body.
Believe that you're always tired and never have enough energy? Surprise, that's what you'll get.

So, why don't people just change their thoughts and beliefs?

For one, most people think that whatever is happening, is true. They feel tension, so they assume that it's what "real" and they think thoughts that reinforce the tension: "I wish I wasn't so stiff all the time."

What they don't realize is that at any time they could start thinking different thoughts and create new experiences.

But when you feel stiff and say "I'm always relaxed and supple" it feels like you're just bullshitting yourself. No one wants to be a liar, so they never break the cycle. Or worse, they're afraid of thinking about relaxation, because they don't want to be let down by feeling the stiffness again, getting disappointed and feeling like there's no hope. Just easier to accept the facts, and move on with it, it seems.

This doesn't change or help anything.

So, how do you creatively think new thoughts and build new beliefs without feeling like a phoney?

The key is in creative thinking.

Rather than choosing some cheesey affirmation like "my body is relaxed and flexible" you start with a small, more believable statement like, "my body has been relaxed before, I know it's possible for me to be more relaxed."

Then you might move up the chain a little and simply express a new desire, "I want to be a relaxed and flexible person, with enough effort and focus, I believe that could be possible."

The key is to gently shift your thoughts, then look for evidence of it.

Where do you feel relaxation in your body now? What part of you is flexible?

Then comes the heavy lifting, actually do something to increasing your relaxation and flexibility!

Of course you can't just think your way into flexibility without changing your behavior. You have to do something about it. The new thoughts encourage you to actually do something to shift your pattern of tension, and the action reinforces your ability to control your own experience.

Your body is not some cumbersome bag of flesh you have to lug around for your brain to function. It doesn't hurt because it somehow "betrayed you."

Your thoughts, habits, and behavior got you to where you now. Probably without much conscious effort on your part.

So, start taking responsbility. Your body is an incredible gift capable of so much pleasure, sensation and amazing experiences.

Staying trapped in limiting thinking about your body is optional.

All it starts with is a simple, disruptive thought. That can happen right now.

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