Sex and Movement with Ev'Yan Whitney - Episode 011


Ev'Yan is here to help you liberate yourself from shame and step into your erotic power.

She's here to help you ask the big questions. Questions like...

Why does our sexuality often get put last in our lives? Why is it the last frontier we look to liberate?

What are the common blocks we face to erotic embodiment? How do we cultivate more pleasure, sensuality, and express it through our movement?

These are the topics Ev'Yan Whitney, my wife, and I dive into in this special edition of the podcast.

We cover so much in this episode, from healing your body image to using organic movement to release inner blockages keeping you stuck in your body.

Physical freedom cannot be complete without addressing how we embody our sexuality. As Ev'Yan says, your erotic power is your birthright. Pleasure is your birthright.

I hope this conversation helps you open yourself to embracing more of who you are and how you move, from everyday sensuality to the most intimate expression of your erotic energy.

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