How This Busy Doctor Unlocked Her Physical Potential

As a busy doctor, Sam struggled for years with boring exercises to reclaim her mobility.

She wanted to finally get the splits, backbends and other creative movements to give her more creative expression as a dancer.

The problem was most routines felt like a chore — boring and repetitive. Even with years of yoga training, the deeper levels of movement intelligence and movement confidence escaped her.

Her real passion was pole-dance, but she kept struggling with hip pain, tight shoulders and nagging issues with her body.

Before we started working together, she thought that maybe the movements she dreamed of performing just weren't made for her body.

By building a fun, smart program based on her unique limitations and imbalances, we were able to access the splits within weeks, and the backbends came soon after.

Here's how she did it:

The best part? Sam started looking forward to training

The truth is that it ceased to be training, at least in the traditional sense of punishing your body with grueling workouts that leave you feeling broken and tired.

Movement practice became something Sam could actually look forward to after a long day of work.

It became a daily ritual of nourishment, play and exploration.

Keys to Sam's success

As a busy doctor and wife, Sam couldn't afford to spend hours a day training or pumping herself up to do something she didn't want to do.

Here were the keys to her success:

  • Building a routine that worked for her lifestyle and schedule by practicing after work
  • Focusing on developmental ground patterns that taught her body to feel safe and increase confidence, like quadruped crawling, squatting, and getting up and down from the ground.
  • Coaching that addressed her unique imbalances, strengthened her core and taught her body to work synergistically
  • Accountability and feedback that helped her celebrate her successes and build positive momentum despite things not working in the past

Want to experience results like Sam's?

For years Sam tried to do it alone without coaching, getting mediocre results with yoga and static stretching.

By investing in coaching and learning how to activate her body properly, she was able to unlock results in weeks that she was unable to find for years.

If you're busy like Sam and looking to make a breakthrough in your body, investing in coaching can be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. I know because I've spent tens of thousands of dollars investing in my body with coaching and every time it helped me create more freedom and ease in my body.

Our clients repeatedly tell us they only wish they started sooner.

If you're ready to unlock your physical freedom and pain-free body, click here to book a free breakthrough session with me.

We'll get on a call for 45 minutes and help you create a plan to unlock your physical potential. My program is not for everyone, but if you're committed and ready to do the work like Sam, you can make great changes in your body starting now.

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