How a High Performing Mom Reclaimed True Strength in Her Body

Rebecca is an Embodied Breakthrough client who wears many hats. She’s a project manager, a mom of two kids and 3 animals, a painter and incredible writer who is working on her memoir.

But chronic pain began to interrupt her active lifestyle. From lower back and hip pain to migraines from neck and shoulder tension, she wasn’t feeling settled in her body. She did everything from yoga to rigorous kettlebell training. But something just didn’t feel right.

She felt stuck and knew what she was doing wasn’t working. Most importantly, she wanted a way to feel free and to know herself better.

“I was really oriented around, you know, you push yourself until it hurts and then you do a little bit more type sports, and if I wanted to see results, I started with so many sets, so many reps. And if I wasn't seeing it, do more, and I just wasn't even listening to myself.”

By working through the Embodied Breakthrough program, her lower back and hip pain has disappeared. She’s having more fun in her body, doing spinal flows, getting up and down off the floor in creative ways, and has is experiencing more easy in even just the daily tasks of life.

She’s learned skills like listening and curiosity to develop strength she didn’t think she had, and engaging her breath daily to calm her mind and find her center.

“What if I just ask myself, today what does my body feel like it wants, instead of just starting? And supporting that beginner's brain and curiosity, all the possibilities are open when you're in that space. I haven't decided how it's gonna turn out. I don't know how it's gonna turn out. And anything’s possible.”

Rebecca has been on a journey to discover that our body is our home.

She’s let go of the scorecard and is here to let you know that you, too, can choose to have a different relationship with your body through intentional movement and exploration.

“Today is the day you get to have a different relationship with your body, right now in this moment, by just being willing to. Willing to not have the answers, not knowing if you're going to do it right...just allowing yourself to be open to the learning experience, letting go of the scorecard and getting into just learning about yourself.”

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