Why Movement Outsourcing is the Best Thing That's Ever Happened to You

Jonathan's Barrell Overhead SquatAt first you might be pissed like I was.

I mean, FUCK, have you ever felt like this?

"Movement was outsourced and engineered out of my life without my consent. I was born into this cushy 21st century life, which I have to admit, is pretty damn cool in some ways. I mean, pandora and not being chased by lions is pretty cool, but it pretty much fucking sucks that I have all these muscle imbalances and joint things because I'm not required to move to live anymore like I evolved to for millions of years. So... now I have to go about this pain in the ass work of reengineering movement back into my life in this weird, artificial way that will probably never be as good as nature would have done. Fuck."

Yeah, woe as me. Sucks to be living with clean, running water and a supermarket and no lions chasing you. I know, I get it. I have nothing to complain about.

I'm a privileged, white, cis-male living in a first world country, must be sooooooo hard. Boo-hoo.

And yet, it does kind of suck that I have to relearn how to be a proper human in this day and age.

But then I realized there's some really fucking good news:

I get to make this my own "choose your own adventure" movement adventure.

Yes, my body would probably be most healthy if I lived out in the wild 100% of the time (at least from a functional joint perspective), but it's also pretty damn cool that I get to decide how I move and what attributes I want to develop.

Natural, primal movement must of course be the base. But after that, it's really up to me.

It's the blessing and the burden of deliberate living.

The same is true of being self-employed. I get to create my own schedule and work on whatever I want. But it's also up to me that shit gets done.

I could have a job, or be forced to live out in the wild and not have to make as many decisions, and there would be some relief to not having to create my own adventure.

But I don't think I'd have it any other way.

When it comes down to it, it's pretty damn awesome being a free range, crafting my own destiny kind of human.

Yes, it's a pain in the ass. And it's probably the best kind of pain in the ass you could have.

So, go out there. Rehab your body (and mind) from modern captivity. Then create your own movement adventure. Only you get to make the rules.

P.S. The first series I did on moving heroically on this blog was a major hit. Because of that I'm excited to announce that very soon I'll be doing another brand new series, which will be all about primal movement. Stay tuned!

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