Why Movement is My Passion (a love letter)


It took a long time for me to call myself a movement artist.

To fully accept that title, I felt like I needed to be really committed. All in, you know?

It was similar to calling myself a writer or a martial artist. I didn't claim those badges until at least a year into working daily on the craft. Even then I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Movement has been different for me though, a more serious love. I feel more drawn to taking my time with the relationship, and not rushing all in. I know this is a lifelong affair, not simply a weekend fling at a random workshop.

No. This is a slow kind of burn.

Don't misunderstand me, it has feverish uproars -- fits of obsession with reaching a milestone in a handstand or excitement over a new flavor of movement. There are lulls as well: patterns and routine set in, or frustration builds, and I question what the hell I'm doing this for.

But beneath these waves is an ocean of depth. The exploration of it will not end before I die.

This is why I choose movement as my art.

I love movement because...

  • It brings me closer to other human beings.
  • Nothing compares to the feeling I get when I reach a breakthrough or unlock a new skill.
  • Every day is a new journey with new lessons to teach, and many old ones to relearn again.
  • My relationship to movement and my practice is an incredible vehicle for personal development and constant growth.
  • There is always room for new exploration, new ranges of motion, new patterns and new ways to express yourself.
  • Movement allows you to try on different emotions, textures and qualities -- how does courage move? or radiance? or wildness?
  • Movement is medicine -- the right kind of movement can mobilize trapped energy or heal old wounds. It also gets you out of your head and into your body.
  • It forces me to interact with the world and my environment. The more I move with nature, the more I learn about myself and my history as a human.
  • It just feels fucking good to move.

Movement, I confess: You had me at hello. Thank you for finding me.


PS: To my beautiful wife, I hope you understand.

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