How to Move More Without Needing More Time

Today I want to show you how I integrate natural movement all throughout my day.

The best part is that doing these things doesn't take more time because I've found ways to integrate movement without it being separate "training time."

Don't get me wrong, I love training, and have dedicated space in my day for practice. But if my practice only stays in an isolated time block, then I'm not really living a lifestyle of movement.

These are the primal movements I've found missing from modern life and our standard template of fitness.

Here are four ways you can move more without needing more time

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  • Floor sitting and moving on the ground
  • Hanging for opening the shoulders when you go through the door
  • Walking on calls or meetups rather than sitting
  • Squatting while watching TV, waiting for the bus, or texting on your phone

Almost everyone underestimates what the "basics" are

These movement patterns might seem super basic, but the truth is most of us are lacking in the basic, fundamental human movements. So don't knock them until you try it.

If you can't squat, hang, or sit on the floor without major compensations, then you could use some more work on the foundations.

You might find that they're more challenging than you would expect.

Try integrating these movements throughout your day and see what kind of difference it makes in your body.

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