You're Not Broken, Fitness Is (what actually builds healthy, strong bodies)

In the last post I talked about why mainstream fitness is broken. It's not that workouts are evil, or that moving in a gym is something to be demonized.

The problem is this: we can't make up for 6 million years of human evolution moving all day in infinitely complex ways with a 45 minute workout.

You wouldn't drink a green smoothie, and expect that to make up for eating fast food the rest of the day. So why do we expect this to work with our movement?

The underlying culture of modern life is the problem. In order to build a naturally strong, capable body, we need more than just workouts and supplements.

Compartmentalizing fitness doesn't work, but there is something that does

It's obviously not practical to try to go back to a hunter-gatherer way of life in our modern world. We've got to find a way forward, not back.

Compartmentalizing and shaming don't work either. We must start integrating and embedding movement into our lives, in a more natural way, without needing more time.

The idea isn't to "train" for 12 hours a day, but slowly change our lifestyle to one that has us moving, all the time, even while sitting or doing work that would otherwise keep us still.

If you're really serious about building a body capable of moving in any situation, without fear of getting injured, you need an approach that addresses your whole life.

There are five major shifts we must make to rebuild naturally strong, unbreakable bodies

These are the missing links in the mainstream fitness approach.

  1. Graph of time spent working out vs the rest of your dayWe must go from having separate fitness time, to creating sustainable habits of moving that can be integrated into our lives, without needing more time.
  2. We must stop working out, trying to do things with perfect form and judgment, and start playing and exploring our bodies and environments in a curious way.
  3. We must move beyond fitness being a separate thing we do, and get clear on what kind of lifestyle we want to create, and let that guide the choices we make with our bodies.
  4. We must stop seeing gyms as the only places we move, and redesign our homes and workspaces to build healthier movement environments.
  5. We must stop seeing the practice as a thing we only do part of the day, and instead examine how we're moving and not moving all day. This is the only way that we can better understand how we can return to a healthy, structurally sound body.

Yes, it's more work to look at your body and the results you're getting in a whole life way. But it's the only solution for creating a robust, adaptable, and strong body, ready for any situation. It's the only way to live without pain and fear of injuring yourself when you want to move.

Now, I could just say "do these five things" but that wouldn't be very useful

Because let's be honest, this is a radical transformation of the way fitness has been done up until this point. There's no clear blueprint out there to follow for how to live in harmony with your biology while living in a very unnatural world.

It's taken me the last 10 years of investigating, researching and experimenting to come up with a natural approach to fitness in modern life.

The good news is that you don't have to spend your whole life figuring this out. I've developed a structure that guides people through making these changes in a few weeks, not years.

So, I'm considering doing something that might seem crazy...

I like you, but you're crazyI'm thinking about building a whole life course on natural movement, one that is able to be integrated into a modern life in the city, in your job, in your home.

This course won't be for everyone. In fact, it's only for those that are fed up and tired of doing it the old way. It's for people that have seen and felt the limited benefits of crossfit, yoga, or whatever movement discipline they might have been trying.

If I build this whole life fitness course, it will address a lot of the missing links, such as:

  • How to build strong movement habits that become automatic
  • Your home and how it's affecting whether you're moving or not
  • Increasing your body awareness and confidence in your ability to move
  • The mindset and beliefs that are undermining your ability to move beyond injury and pain
  • The specific primal movements and exercises we're not getting enough of in fitness culture, and how to integrate them into your day
  • How to begin rehabbing your body from years of neglect, and holding static postures
  • And more

This course will obviously take a lot of work to build, and it won't be for people that just want "a simple workout you can do anywhere!" that solves all your problems.

Right now I'm just thinking about building this. I only want to create it if enough of you are interested in it.

So, is a Whole Life Fitness approach something you're potentially interested in?

If so, please enter your name and email below.

If enough people are interested, I'll move forward with building the program.

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