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Topics for speaking/retreats/workshops:

  • Learning to become more embodied to move with greater purpose and influence others
  • How to build more range of motion and reclaim your physical freedom
  • How to heal your body from sitting and sedentary modern living
  • The missing foundations of movement you're not getting in mainstream fitness routines
  • Building nourishing movement habits and learning how to get more movement without needing more time

Key videos and content:





Jonathan Mead is a movement and embodiment coach based out of Portland, Oregon. He built his first business at age 23 by helping people to uncover their purpose and true offer to the world. Now in his 30’s, he teaches clients all over the world through online coaching.

He's passionate about helping people reclaim their strong, capable, resilient bodies, so they can live a pain-free, adventurous life. Believing that people need more connection to their bodies, to nature, and to each other, he loves seeing the ways his clients transform when they reconnect with their untapped movement potential.

His deepest mission is to instigate a worldwide movement of humans reconnecting with their true nature, and rebuilding their naturally strong bodies.

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