It's Time to Reclaim Your Primal Strength

Things have been a bit quiet around here lately. That's because I've been busting my ass putting together the best possible program for reclaiming your primal strength as a man.

This is just version one, but I'm extremely proud of it. And based on your feedback (thank you) I've created a mobile-friendly member's area for you to stream all of the workouts.

Here is a preview of what you can expect with the program:

And if you want to know more about why you might want to join the program, this video explains pretty much everything you need to know:


About half of the spots for the founding membership have been taken. These members will get exclusive feedback and coaching from me, as well as access to a private community to get accountability and support from other members.

If you're wanting to finally get serious about your fitness, and be fit for the real world, this program was designed for you.

If you want to stay on the couch and continue letting domestication make you weak, you won't like anything about this program.

Ready to finally uncover your body's true potential?

Learn more and join the Uncaged Body program here.

FYI: This program will be closing next Wednesday at midnight, so I can start working with all of the men that have joined and get feedback to make it even better.

If you want in on this, now is the time.

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