Is It Burning a Hole Inside You?


"The aim is not to quench your thirst. The aim is to develop the perfect thirst, so that you never stop drinking." —Sufi Teaching

You probably don't believe me when I say this, but I'll tell you anyway:

Somewhere inside you is a vision for your life that has the fuel of a thousand suns.

Once fueled, the fire is so much that it burns a hole in your belly if you don't surrender to its will.

Right now it might be nothing more than a dim ember, a barely visible spark. If you've neglected tending the fire there's a great chance you might not even recognize its presence.

Mistakingly, you assume that it doesn't exist. You just don't have that kind of passion, like "some people" do.

Jumping out of bed to get to work is only for the insane, or incredibly delusional, you must think.

Well, that's exactly what I used to believe.

But slowly, out of curiosity I begin to open myself to the possibility of burning desire. That kind of fire that is unquenchable. The kind of delicious thirst that makes you never want to stop drinking.

I wondered... what if I suspended my cynicism for a moment and allowed curiosity into my consciousness?

That was the beginning. The ignition that changed everything forever.

But the flames could not be fanned until I had the courage to embrace what that fully matured fire would look like. I knew that if I really went all the way with a vision that would make me "jump out of bed" I would have to go beyond the tame, innocent flame of a candle in the night.

No, it would be much, much more than that.

I'd have to embrace the fire and risk being consumed. I would have to allow myself to be baptized by it.

But what does it really take to embrace the flame that not only warms your heart, but engulfs every cell in your body?

The answer is simple. But not easy.

It requires tremendous courage. Courage you might think you don't possess — trust me it is there. It's been waiting your whole life for you to unleash it from its cage.

Once uncaged you're able to say yes to that last 1%. The final Yes. No more half-efforts or dipping your toes in the water. Not withholding a single ounce of your being. That is the kind of Yes that creates legends and masterpieces.

The Yes that consumes is what finally allows you and finally gives you permission to go all the way. To leave everything you have on the field, to give and surrender fully to your purpose, to serve the world with complete abandon, grace and grit.

That is the kind of Yes that lights suns, leaves you dying empty and lets you sleep with zero regret.

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If it's not burning a hole within you, perhaps you haven't given yourself permission to dream as big as your heart would dare you to.

Be curious and feed the spark. Before long, it will be a fire that blazes new trails and etches your mark in this world.

What do you want to say Hell Yes to? What's burning a hole in your gut?

Leave a comment and share with me. If you dare to open the door.

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