How Hollie Eliminated a Decade of Hip and Knee Pain and Reclaimed Her Physical Freedom

Hollie has a spirit and energy that can easily light up a room. But chronic pain and tension were keeping her feeling stuck and limited in her body.

With a family history of arthritis and being told she would suffer the same fate, she felt pain in daily movement from the age of 16, often struggling just to get out of bed in the morning. She stopped going to the concerts she loved because even standing was painful. She shrank her world down to protect her body.

"I go into the gym thinking yeah, okay, I can do that. And when I can’t, I'd feel utterly disappointed in myself and embarrassed in front of other people, because I can't do what they're doing."

She tried it all, from physical therapy to cookie-cutter gym training, running and one-size-fits-all yoga. While much of mainstream fitness culture didn’t resonate with her, she stayed persistent until finding Embodied Breakthrough.

"I don't just want to give up. I’ll keep searching. I'll find the right thing. And here we are."

Now Hollie gets out of bed free from the aches and pains that doctors told her were her destiny. Not only that, but she's running completely pain-free. Movements she never thought she'd do, she's mastered like the deep squat and just nailed her first crow pose -- a handbalancing movement she always wanted to try.

By fixing her broken foundations and getting her core to work properly again, she is more aware and connected to her body than ever. Instead of her world shrinking, it's now expanding.

"Through the movements that we've been doing together, through the foundation building, that's helped me discover that I am really agile. I am really well balanced. And I love exploring what my body can do now."

She started to understand that challenges and obstacles will always present themselves, but we can learn something from each and every one of them, becoming a stronger person in the process.

"And I think the biggest thing is, say yes. Say yes to yourself...I feel that's what holds us back in life, the fear of the unknown. Step into it, step into that unknown area, step into that little bit of uncomfortableness and see how far you can go. You will go so far."

Let Hollie’s story inspire YOU to seek support, overcome your challenges and say YES to yourself.

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