Three Simple Techniques to Get Flexible Faster

If you're struggling to make progress in your flexibility, I get it.

Every day I would stretch, but saw little to no improvement in my range of motion. It seemed no matter what I did I felt stiff.

Even something as simple as sitting on the ground was hard for me. I could barely last 30 seconds without needing to get back into a chair or put a bolster underneath me.

It was pretty depressing.

But luckily throughout the years of studying many different systems like Feldenkrais, Stretching Scientifically, FRC and Focused Flexibility, I've found a few simple techniques offer the most bang for your buck if you want to make the most from your flexibility training.

You will still have to work hard, but at least your hard work will be resulting in measurable improvement from week to week.

Here's how the "Three T's" can help you get flexible faster

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Here's the flexibility transformation I made in 10 months using these same techniques.

Want some help with your flexibility transformation?

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