A Simple Flexibility Routine for Fixing Your Deep Squat

Primal Squat Mobility RoutineThe deep, flat-footed squat is one of the top three movements we all don't get enough of in our culture.

It's one of the first diagnostic movements I have my students do in my private sessions and group classes.

It tells me a lot about their limitations and what injuries they might be susceptible to.

Why is this movement so important?

Getting comfortable in the deep resting squat can help you:

  • Gain more flexibility in your hips, ankles and spine
  • Relieve lower back pain from chronic sitting posture
  • Learn to move with control on the ground
  • Look like a weirdo squatting in public

Just kidding. The people just sitting there are the real weirdos.

The best part is once you own this position, it can help you move more freely on the ground, with less pain and discomfort.

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Here's an example of how mastering the squat can open more movement freedom:

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I didn't start here though! I used to fall over when squatting, and my legs burned like crazy. It's been hard work, but the time I've put in mastering this position has paid off.

I no longer have lower back pain, and I feel much more comfortable sitting on the ground than I used to. I feel much more comfortable working in the garden, and crawling around on the ground. It's even helped my tree and rock climbing.

The squat is more than a static position, it can open many movement doors

Mastering the deep squat has many applications, it can help open doors with:

  • Crawling and ground based locomotion patterns
  • Comfort foraging plants or working in the garden
  • Getting up and down from the ground with ease
  • Playing with your kids or dog
  • And a whole lot more

"But Jonathan, I can't squat without feeling like my legs are going to fall off"

Or maybe when you try to squat you have pain, or just fall backwards.

I totally get it! That's why I created a simple mobility routine you can do anywhere in 10 minutes or less.

It's not enough to just "squat more" or "try harder." You need doable progressions that will guide you back to restoring the squat pattern you naturally learned as a baby.

All you need is a little determination, and a bit of space on the floor.

Access it totally free. Just click the button and tell me where to send your routine.

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