Six Keys to Flexibility that Aren't Stretching

If you're stiff as hell, even though you're stretching, or you just want to cure tension at the root, this video is for you.

I guarantee you probably haven't heard 90% of this stuff before. It's the missing link most people aren't getting and the reason they're struggling with chronic tension.

Watch the whole thing, and leave a comment on the video to let me know which tip gave you the biggest "aha" moment. I'll give one person a free membership to Primal Body Reboot ($95 value).

Here are the six keys to getting more flexible that don't involve stretching:

  1. Open your focus. That is, expand your visual field to be open and diffused on the space around you. A chronic narrow focus keeps you in a heightened, stressful state of being, which doesn't help you relax or improve your range of motion.
  2. Build better motor maps. Before you try to change your body, make sure you're inhabiting it (write that shit down, yo). That is to say, don't expect your body to change if you're not first relating to it.
  3. Make your training goal oriented. Don't just stretch haphazardly without intent. Actually reach for a target. We evolved to stretch with purpose - to pick fruit, or tubers, or pick someone up, not to get the splits.
  4. Set the state you want to be in. Before any training session, set your intention. How do you want to show up? Don't just settle for going through the motions.
  5. Stop the source of the tension. Maybe it's your shitty job stressing you out constantly. Maybe it's sitting all day and not getting up except to refill your coffee mug. Whatever it is, you need to address it. Otherwise you're just putting a bandaid on the situation.
  6. Change your beliefs. You weren't born "inflexible" or "weak" or "uncoordinated." That happened probably because you started believing it, then reinforced it with your behavior. Your body will change as soon as you start changing your mind.

Which did you most resonate with?

Leave a comment on the video and let me know. I'll randomly select one person to win a free membership to my six week mobility course, Primal Body Reboot.

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