How to Make Every Day Chores into Movement Practice

Doing chores around the house doesn't have to be boring or something you dread.

Not if you approach it with a little creativity.

Yesterday I was mopping the floor because we had a big ant invasion. So, I thought I'd mop and do a little ninja training and record this video for you in the process.

I lost count with the number of things I accomplished with this:

  • cleaned the floor
  • killed ants
  • practiced squatting
  • practiced lower body mobility
  • did some ninja training
  • titillated my wife (you'll know what I mean at the end)

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Some other ideas for making every day activities a movement practice:

  • Make cleaning mirrors and windows a martial arts practice - "wax on! wax off!"
  • Do the dishes in horse stance or balance on one leg
  • Fold the laundry while squatting or on all fours
  • Find an obstacle course to follow on your way to taking the recycling out
  • Do the same as mopping and turn sweeping and vacuuming into a squat and lower body mobility session

Your turn. Can you turn an every day chore or activity into movement practice?

Leave a comment below, or post a pic or video in the movement lifestyle group.

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