The 5x5 Habit for Better Mobility Working on Your Laptop

As much as we know sitting for long periods isn't doing us any favors, it can be hard to get away from it.

For many of us, working on a computer, laptop or mobile device is a necessity, not an option.

So, apart from standing (which is good, but also just another static position), how do we have better mobility at work?

I'd like to introduce you to The 5x5 Habit, a very simple way to reduce tension and fatigue.

  1. Set a timer to go off every five minutes (eventually, you'll start doing this organically, without a timer).
  2. When the timer goes off, simply change your seating position. Could be a squat, kneel, straddle, cross-legged, butterfly - the possibilities are endless.
  3. After 5 different positions (25min) you take a 5 minute break to stretch, move, hydrate, shake things out and recharge.

All you need is a yoga block or a few cushions, and a low table. You can use a coffee table, a step-stool or even a box.

There you have it. The 5x5 Method. Try it out and I guarantee you will have more energy, get more done and feel much better at the end of the day.

Can I do this working on a chair in an office?

Yes, absolutely. Try experimenting with different seated positions in a chair. Knees crossed, cross-legged, number four, straddle, and a modified kneel are just a few possibility.

Share this with a friend who needs this. Their low back and hips will thank you. 👍🏼

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