How to Get Started with Natural Movement (From Gym Zombie to Uncaged Beast)

I was like Morgan Freeman's character in the Shawshank Redemption. Newly released from the "captivity" of the Globo Gym model of fitness, and completely bewildered of what to do with my freedom.

Natural, uncaged movement appealed to me on a deeply primal level. It stirred something in my belly that I couldn't put my finger on. I just knew that moving in an uncaged way was what I was craving, perhaps yearning for my whole life.

But there was one giant problem: I had no idea where to start.

So, I'd go outside and do gym-like things outside. Squats, lunges, pushups, planks. Sets and reps. Counting, measuring, controlling. I was getting better, right?

Natural movement is more than just doing gym routines outside

Fast forward nine years and I've learned that natural movement is much more than just busting out sets of bodyweight exercises outside. It's bio-region specific. It's about accomplishing tasks. It's about moving in a community.

Most of all, it's about reconnecting to and deepening your relationship with the wildness within and all around you.

You know, playing, exploring, actually gasp touching things. And god forbid, taking off your shoes.

But if you're struggling to make the transition from gym rat to an uncaged, primally awakened human, perhaps you need a bridge, a path to help you on your transition out of captivity that helps you adjust to this world of freedom-based movement.

Afterall, let's be honest, shy of living in the woods (which most of won't do) with natural movement we're attempting to artificially recreate our original movement lifestyle, in a kind of artificial way.

Yes, learning to forage, garden, hunt, explore, climb and roughhouse can and should be integrated into your life as much as possible.


Learning to integrate movement and insource more work of living into your life is super important. But what do you do in the meantime? And how do you help rehab your body from years of sitting and misalignment?

What if there was ONE movement you could focus on to get started?

While I think a holistic, well-rounded variety of movements you're exposed to is ideal, it's helpful to have a starting point.

I believe there is such a movement.

If you're interested in hearing more... stay tuned for the next post.

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