On Antifragility: Is Your Quest For Comfort Actually Making You More Uncomfortable?

man-laying-in-roadModernization could easily be summed up as one giant quest to obliterate human discomfort.

We outsource and automate the growing and cooking of our food to avoid manual labor at all costs.

We use air conditioning and heating to keep our spaces the perfect temperature at all times in the search for temperature utopia.

We cover our feet with shoes in part to elevate ourselves from animals, but also to shield them from pain and discomfort.

In the process of all this discomfort killing, something comical happens...

We become increasingly uncomfortable the more we seek comfort

Why is this?

When you stop and think hard about it, the reason is clear as day. By limiting our exposure to stressors we train ourselves out of adaptability.

  • Don't have to ever move to eat? Stiffness and weakness settle into the joints.
  • Same temperature all the time? No need for thermal regulation in the body.
  • Feet never have to do feet things because they're babied in cushy shoes? Collapsed arches and weak ankles will surely show up.

Our quest for comfort ends up producing the exact opposite effect we intended!

Ah, what humour noir.

Of course, there is an antidote.

The good news is that it's surprisingly simple, saves you money, creates more freedom, is great for the environment, and makes you a total badass...

Voluntarily expose yourself to discomfort.

Watch this video to see what I mean...

Spread the gospel of discomfort, tweet this to your cushy friends:

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