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The Physical Freedom podcast in a weekly show with an unconventional approach to fitness, hosted by me, Jonathan Mead. It's about developing a lifestyle of pain-free movement and feeling your best in your body. Sound up your alley? Here's where you can subscribe:

What makes this podcast different?

Pulling from my 10 years of experience as a coach and having worked with hundreds of students from diverse backgrounds, I've seen that people are craving something deeper with their bodies.

Less pushing and grinding. More moving and feeling better.

Less shame and guilting. More moving because it feels good (it can take time to develop this).

Less compartmentalizing fitness into a box. And more integrating movement into your lifestyle.
Physical Freedom


The Power of Slowing Down with Rolfing Expert Mary Bond


Physical pain is often the reason people seek out body work, and it can also be the catalyst that leads them to greater body awareness.

As we discuss with author and certified Rolfing practitioner Mary Bond, body awareness is useful in learning your limits and capacities. By slowing down and learning to be present in yourself through your body, you give yourself time for more feedback to take place. 

We talk with Mary about our movement starved bodies in this digital age, and how our tunnel of awareness narrows with our constant connection to screens. We also get into everything from dancing and aging to somatic resilience and boxing with Parkinson’s.

It’s easy to constantly judge ourselves for what our bodies can’t do. But if we remained curious and interested, celebrating our movement capacity right now?

Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

The Breathing Book by Donna Farhi

Mary’s books

Mary’s website

Mary on IG

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