Introducing the Found My Flexibility Challenge

Welcome to the challenge! If you haven't signed up for the emails yet, make sure you do that here.

Your challenge for today is to do:

  • 90/90 sit - stretch for two minutes on each side -- remember to be active and explore your range of motion
  • Opening and closing the 90/90 x 8 repetitions -- do this slowly and controlled
  • Straddle sit (legs wide) -- stretch two minutes exploring, be curious
  • Long sit - explore for two minutes¬†walking the legs out bending and straightening

Key points:

  • Keep the ribs down and breath into your lower belly
  • Stay within 70-80% of your maximum range
  • EXPLORE and be ACTIVE (reach for a target, don't just sit there)

What to do next:

  • Complete the challenge above - do one round if you're short on time, do two to three if you're feeling good
  • Post a video on Instagram and/or in the Facebook group using the #FoundMyFlexibility hashtag
  • Tag @jonathanmead when you post

Day two is all about twisting movements and wringing out the body. You're going to learn about the importance of reaching from the center of your body and why stretching is all about one very simple concept.

If you're looking for the rest of the videos, check out the Youtube channel.

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